f both sides.The Hong Kong S

s will harm the relations between the two sides and their common interests, the HKSAR governmen▓t said, reiterating that foreign legislatures should n▓ot interfere in any form in the internal affairs of the HKSAR.The passage of legislation also triggere

d concerns about the economic prospects of Hong Kong among ▓economic experts in Hong Kong, who pointed out that rest▓rictive trade measures that may be adopted could easily backfire."The bill is not in line with the interests of the United States," said Francis T. Lui, professor emeritu▓s of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.Ci▓ting figures that the United State

s has earned 297 ▓billion U.S. dollars from trading with Hong Kong in th▓e past decade, the largest bilateral trade surplus amo▓ngst its global trading partners, Lui said the U.S. m▓ove is not helpful in achieving its goal of balanced▓ trade.Business associations also


pecial Administra

feared U.S. companies would fall victim to the bill as many of them have set up regional headq

uarters and offices in Hong Kong and used the metropolis as a base to explore other a wide ran


tive Region (HKSAR) g

g▓e of Asia-Pacific markets.The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong has called for support for

Hong Kong's special status, saying that many U.S. businesses fear▓ed that the bill,

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with the sections addressing export cont▓rols and sanctions, could have counter-productive consequences on them.Chairman of the Hong Kong Associati▓on of China Business Wong Ping also said U.S. enterpri▓ses will lose their most important and freest base ▓in the Asia-Pacific if H

overnment on Thursday expr

ong Kong was rescinded its statu▓s as a separate customs territory because of the bill.Wong pointed out that international economic relation is not about one side doing a favor for the other, warn▓ing that the United States might suffer greater losses ▓once China takes up strong countermeas

essed strong opposition

ures.Experts said ▓while the U.S. legislation would certainly have an im▓pact on Hong Kong's economy, it would not be a critical▓ one. It is rather the implementation of the "one c▓ountry, two systems" principle, the h

to the passage o

uge mainland market and support from the central government that serves as t▓he strongest impetus behind Hong Kong's development.In the▓ latest move of support, the mainland and HKSAR on Thu▓rsday updated an agr

Ri▓ghts and Democ racy Act and t he other act on Hong Kon▓g in the U.S. House of Represe ntatives after the bills were▓ approved by the U.S. Senat e.Passage of the leg islation has sent a wrong signal to violent prot esters and would not▓ help calm down the current situation in H ong Kong, th e HKSAR govern ment said in a sta tement.Those unneces sary and unwarranted act 普陀区5G 鄂托克前旗wap 永丰县wap 阿鲁科尔沁旗wap 侯马市wap 保定市wap 崇明县浦东新区wap 黎川县wap 龙陵县5G 峡江县5G 海安县wap 宣武区wap 双辽市5G 东丰县wap 林西县5G 平南县wap 秭归县wap 海南5G 定安县5G 尼木县wap 电信传奇私服合击版 刀塔传奇私服 盛大传奇私服客户端下载 最新热血传奇私服发布网 传奇私服收费挂哪个好 新开靓装传奇私服 开传奇私服赚钱嘛 新开超变单职业传奇私服 2018今日新开手机传奇私服 单机传奇私服架设教程